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Guide to the best local restaurants.
We are Japanese living in Tokyo.
Here are some of the best local restaurants where Japanese people usually eat. Perhaps you may find it difficult to enter a restaurant. But if you have come all the way to Japan, please try them. You may not be able to order well, and in some cases, the desired dish may not be served. But enjoy such happenings as memories! Enjoy Japan to the fullest!
We present three restaurants.
Answer 6 questions and contact us via Twitter DM. We will introduce you to three restaurants that match your preferences. We may introduce you to a small okonomiyaki restaurant run by an old lady, or a chain izakaya. We know you’ll all quickly look them up on Google, but more often than not, the restaurants we’ve referred you to aren’t even listed on the site!
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We are considering charging a fee in the future. In the meantime, we have decided to offer this service free of charge, although the number of referrals we can make is small. We will reflect the feedback we have received and hope to provide a better service in the future. I know some of this is still in its infancy, but thank you in advance for your patience!
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Let’s look for related stores as well.
We’re currently testing the service.
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Attention: We are currently testing the service and not all applicants will receive the service. However, we hope to offer it to as many as possible! We look forward to receiving applications from many people.
The map is just a hint.
Try to find the restaurant yourself too!
We hope you will use this information to have the best and most memorable restaurant experience possible.
Beautiful, upscale restaurants in guidebooks are fine, but since you have come all the way to Japan, why not experience a restaurant that will give you a glimpse of Japanese culture?
There are many small restaurants in Tokyo, and they are always crowded. It may take courage for a foreigner to enter one of them. But please give it a try. If you cannot communicate in words, use gestures. Try talking to the people around you. Japanese people do not speak English, but I am sure they will be kind enough to help you. Welcome to Japan.