Hi, there.
I am a male living in Tokyo, Japan. Please call me Glimpse. The name comes from glimpse. My age is… I will keep it to myself. And for some reason, I have two fighting fish. I am an office worker in Tokyo, and I can hardly speak English, but I acquired the domain “glimp.jp” 10 years ago in August 2012 with the intention of creating a website to introduce “Real Japan”, and from there, through trial and error, here I am today.

The good, the bad, the interesting, and the strange of Japan… We hope you enjoy our videos of the “real Japan”.

A glimpse of the real Japan.

Did you like this site? I want to see videos like this! If you have any requests, please contact us on Twitter @glimp_jp.

Wrong grammar, wrong words, wrong expressions… I’m sure there are many more mistakes than that, but I hope you can enjoy them with a generous heart. Because 98% of this site is made up of a translation tool called “DeepL” and the remaining 2% is made up of low-level brains. If any of you say, “Ok, No problem!” then I am sure it is because of “DeepL”. As far as I know, it is the best translation tool, so if you want to translate from Japanese to English, please try “DeepL”. Of course, it is free.
DeepL: https://www.deepl.com

I will continue to manage this site so that everyone can enjoy it, so please support me!