Drop the chocolate in the crane game! Massive win!

Crane games are a type of arcade game played to win prizes and are mainly installed in game arcades. It is a transparent glass, plastic, or acrylic box with a crane attached to the ceiling, which contains stuffed animals, candy, and other prizes. Sometimes the ceiling allows one to see the crane’s physical range of movement.

When the player inserts coins, the crane can be moved with the buttons and joystick controls. The crane can move back and forth, left and right, but up and down is automatic and basically uncontrollable. The angle of the crane cannot be changed.

This crane game is popular in Japan. Dropping the goods requires technique, and for ordinary people, it is difficult to drop the goods without coincidence. Funny how it feels like it’s about to fall, but it doesn’t!

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    Crane games are hard, but funny!

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