Sumo wrestlers are not just big and fat. They are super athletes.

I have always found sumo wrestlers to be among the strongest fighters in the world. They have powerful muscles hiding under their thick fat, and they can exert tremendous power at a moment’s notice! No matter how strong a fighter is, it would be unwise to fight a sumo wrestler. They are super athletes.
Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, we are not allowed to visit the Sumo room at this time, but time will tell on this. The sight of wrestlers of average height 183 cm and weight 160 kg clashing with each other is very powerful. When you do get to visit, be sure to do so!
Stores and other places that appear in the video.
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Morning practice. The sound of body to body collision is amazing.

This is also a morning practice. I would be blown away if they attacked me with this much power.

The Kokonoe-beya, to which Chiyotaikai belongs, is very popular.

Retired Sumo wrestler. The act of cutting off the topknot means that you are no longer a sumo wrestler.

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    As you can see from the video, sumo isn’t just about power!

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