Live Cam in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Harajuku is a bustling area known for its diverse street art and fashion scene. Takeshita-dori Avenue is lined with unique vintage clothing stores and cosplay stores, while the lush Omotesando Avenue is lined with traditional upscale boutiques. The surrounding alleyways are filled with small bars and trendy cafes, as well as cultural hotspots such as the Watari-um Museum of Contemporary Art, which is popular for its cutting-edge exhibitions.

The area is a fashion area with many young people. Near the intersection, there are fashion magazine photographers looking for fashionable people to feature in their magazines. Because rents in Harajuku are high, small stores that are just starting out set up store not on the main street, but in the alleyways, known as Uraharajuku. The truly fashionable and unique stores are often located in such back Harajuku.

Ichiran Ramen Hakata thin noodles (straight) with secret powder, 5 servings x 2, 10-serving set.
There are several ramen shops in Harajuku, but Ichiran Ramen is the most famous of them all. The rich soup is irresistible!

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    In Harajuku, you will see people in surprising fashions. This is a bustling, fun town to walk around!

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