Live Cam in Shiodome, Tokyo.

Shiodome is the name of a district and former town in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Today, it mainly refers to the “Shiodome Siosite”, a huge urban complex built in the Shiodome district on the east side of Shinbashi Station. The former Shiodome (Shiodome-cho) is now mostly Higashi-Shinbashi and part of Kaigan 1-chome in the current administrative name.

Shiodome has become an area lined with office buildings as a result of urban redevelopment. In addition to its office district aspect, Shiodome is also an area that is becoming popular as a new tourist spot due to its various commercial facilities.

The headquarters of major companies such as Dentsu, Softbank, and Nippon Tsushin Electric are located here, as is Nippon Television Tower, which houses Nippon Television Network Corporation, and Caretta Shiodome, which houses many restaurants and stores.

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    Shiodome Aria has good access to central Tokyo.

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