100 yen portable toilet.

This video may look like a joke, but it is serious. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom while camping or on the road? In Japan, there are many clean toilets in town, but it is not so easy when you go camping. Many people who have traveled to various countries may have experienced this problem.

Most simple toilets are tested with water, but in this video we actually use a product to verify this. I think men often manage to do so, but for women, it seems to be very difficult. This video shows a portable toilet that can be purchased at a 100 yen store in Japan.

Portable Toilet Mini Toilet Dokodemo Dokodemo Mini Toilet 12 times (4 packs of 3 times) with take-out bag for both men and women 600cc
Available on Amazon japan for about $1 per unit. This product has a good reputation based on reviews, so you should have no problem with this product. This product is for urine use only.

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    I know how important it is to have a portable toilet when you’re traveling!

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