Hey, hey, hey…don’t push me please!

This is the Japanese art of comedy! It may be difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with Japanese comedy tricks, but this is all calculated comedy.

(1) The man in the purple jumper who casually sets up a system that allows him to fall into the bathtub at any time.
(2) The gray jumper man who understands the air and pretends to trip and drops the purple jumper into the bathtub.
(3) The purple jumper man who fell into the bathtub complains with the body of “Don’t be silly.
(4) The sequence of events is completed through a scene change in which a nude man of unknown meaning suddenly enters the bathtub.

Although not shown in the video, the purple jumper man accepts the nude man’s bathing after checking the whole process of the bearded man getting naked behind the camera from inside the bathtub.
It is all part of a promised sequence of events. If you watch the video with this background understood, you will enjoy Japanese comedic art even more.

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    The Japanese art of comedy is deep and funny!

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