Yakisoba noodles sold at convenience stores are hell hot.

Japan is a nation of instant foods: cup ramen, cup yakisoba, cup pasta, etc. Recently, spicy ramen and spicy yakisoba have become a boom, and the video I am going to show you is a very spicy cup of yakisoba!

This “Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara Final” is seriously bad. I love spicy food and can eat even quite spicy food, but to be honest, I don’t want to eat this product anymore. It is a product sold in convenience stores, but it is spicy at a level that “should not be sold”.

They are so spicy that when the spiciness ignites, you can’t sit still. Are you confident with spicy food? If you are, why don’t you try “Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara Final” in Japan?

Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara Final 3 pieces
This is the latest in the “Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara” series. The final product in the series boasts twice the spiciness of Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara Final. It is so stimulating and spicy that it will bring tears to your eyes, and we have created a flavor that you will enjoy to the fullest.

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    Peyoung Yakisoba / Goku-Gekikara Final” is seriously spicy! If you’re confident with spicy food, try it!

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