100 Yen Shop Best 10.

Japanese 100 Yen Shops Can Be Quite Useful! When you come to Japan, be sure to go there and get all the supplies you need for daily life. I still wonder how it works that they sell so many useful and useful things for 100 yen.

You can buy a lot of small items that are not bulky and use them in your home country, or you can bring them back as souvenirs. There are many 100-yen stores in Japan, so use Google Map to find them. There are three 100 yen store makers.


Please refer to them when you look them up on Google!

Daiso Online Store : Please use google translate.
CanDo Online Store : Please use google translate.

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    100-yen stores are seriously convenient! There are even 300-yen and 500-yen stores!

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