It’s so cute! Hina Dolls are traditional Japanese dolls.

Hinamatsuri is an annual seasonal event in Japan to pray for the healthy growth of girls. It is a seasonal festival in which hina dolls (mainly male and female dolls) are decorated with cherry blossoms, tachibana, peach blossoms, and other trees, hina arare and hishimochi are offered, and food and drink such as white sake and chirashi sushi are enjoyed. This event is held on March 3.

Hina dolls are believed to protect children from illness and accidents on their behalf. Therefore, they are decorated with congratulations, feelings and wishes for the girl’s good health and happiness.

In the old days, people used to make Hina dolls out of paper and float them down the river “Nagashi Hina” to ask them to take away illnesses, injuries and other bad things. Since Hina dolls have become more and more beautiful, they are often displayed nowadays, but there are still places where people celebrate with “Nagashi Hina” as in the old days.

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    Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day) is held on March 3 for girls, and Children’s Day is held on May 5 for boys!

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