X Japan – CBS Sony Audition 1987.12.26 

Do you know X Japan? This is a video of their guest appearance at the CBS Sony Audition held on December 26, 1987. Their debut was in 1982, so although only five years have passed since their debut, they have the power and presence of a veteran. Their appearance and musicality may be different for different tastes, but if you are not familiar with X Japan, I hope you can at least remember their name.

In my opinion, their greatness is their musical and visual expression of rebellious spirit. Not only that, their musicianship and performance techniques are also very good. At least in Japan at that time, there was no one else who expressed or could express rebellious spirit in this way.

I am not their fan and I know only one of their songs, but I respect them.

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    Although they wear rather eccentric fashions, they have made great achievements in Japan.

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