Manrai, a slightly sour Tsukemen noodle soup in Shinjuku.

Many people are familiar with Mianya Musashi, but few know of this ramen restaurant called Manrai. Mianya Musashi has a delicious thick broth, but the broth here is light yet flavorful and still delicious. There are two types of ramen: regular ramen and tsukemen, and I recommend tsukemen when you come to Banrai.

Mitsurai’s tsukemen has a slightly sour taste and is a bit unique, but it is delicious. The amount of noodles is very large, so do not order a large serving. In addition, if you choose the chashu (pork) topping, a huge amount of chashu (pork) will appear on the plate. Ordinary people will not be able to finish it, so regular tsukemen is the best choice.

As for the taste, please refer to the reviews as you may have different tastes.

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    Musashi’s ramen is good, but so is Manrai’s!

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