Musashi, the king of Ramen in Shinjuku.

Many of you are probably familiar with Ramen “Musashi”. It is a very famous ramen shop. It may have become so famous that it is no longer a rarity, but this ramen shop is still delicious!

If you are looking for a regular ramen with a hot broth, the “Musashi Ramen” is probably the only choice. It is a safe choice, but you can fully enjoy Musashi ramen. Musashi Ramen’s soup is soy sauce-based, but this soy sauce-based soup is very deep. If you taste it well, you can detect citrus fruits.

For those who have already tried their ramen, I recommend the “thick tsukemen!” It is “Noh Koh Tsuke-men”, not “Tsuke-men”. Please do not make a mistake. You dip the noodles in the soup and eat. It’s delicious!

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    I knew Mianya Musashi was good!

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