Live Cam in Asakusa, Tokyo.

The Nakamise Street near Sensoji Temple is lined with traditional crafts and food stalls, Hanayashiki, built in the mid-19th century, has screaming attractions and cafes, and Sumida Park along the river regularly hosts festivals and firework displays, creating an atmosphere of a traditional downtown area. Festivals and fireworks displays are held regularly at Sumida Park along the river. The neighborhood is dotted with izakayas (Japanese-style pubs) and yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurants where you can casually drop in and enjoy skewers and beer.

In Asakusa, “sightseeing rickshaws,” which transport people by human power, are popular. Why not try using one?

The building shown in the video is the Asahi Beer building. The Asahi Breweries building is based on a mug filled with beer! You can see it clearly if you check it on a sunny day.

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    If you go to Asakusa, taking a rickshaw ride is fun! They will take you to various places.

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