A 93-year-old former cab driver takes the wheel again at the games.

My 93 year old grandfather enjoys playing car games. On this day, he was presented with a new game handle. In fact, this steering wheel was a gift from Logitech, a company that provides digital devices. A Logitech employee saw a video of him playing a car game, and after some internal discussion, they decided to give it to him as a gift. The car that is being driven in the game is a metallic silver Savannah RX7, which was actually driven 30 years ago.

I watched this video and was honestly impressed with the right use of technology. The grandson is wonderful for giving us this kind of opportunity, the grandpa is wonderful for enjoying it honestly, and most of all, it is wonderful to be able to experience past memories and experiences without any discomfort through technology.

What do you think? I think this is the coolest way to use technology. And the Logitech employees are really cool too!

Grandpa passed away on August 19, 2021. I sincerely pray for his soul rest in peace.

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    I’d like to see this kind of initiative utilized in caregiver welfare.

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