How to eat sushi.
Have you ever eaten sushi? Many of you reading this site may be sushi lovers. If you have eaten sushi several times in Japan, you may already be confident in your sushi eating style. However, your way of eating sushi is totally wrong. Here is what you need to know about how to eat sushi. The manner of eating is a series of steps from entering the restaurant to leaving the restaurant.

1. How to enter the restaurant
2. how to take a seat
3. how to serve sake
4. how to eat sushi
5. how to order
6. how to pay the bill

There are six major things you will learn in this video. Once you learn these six things, you will be a sushi specialist.

This is a comedy video in which a comedian makes fun of Japanese sushi culture!!!

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  1. glimp Avatar

    It’s an exquisite, half-joking, half-serious comedy video by a Japanese!

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