Those tasty snacks you can buy at the convenience store!!!

Japan is a Candy Paradise! And you can buy them at convenience stores! And they are delicious! I am very happy. Sweets are sold in every country, but among them, I think Japanese sweets are seriously delicious. There are so many genres of sweets. Even the familiar sweets such as potato chips and gummies sold in Japan are different from those sold in other countries. Potato chips come in a wide variety of flavors, and gummy bears called “Kaju-gumi(fruit juice gummies)” are extremely juicy.

Ice cream is also delicious. There is an ice cream called Yukimi Daifuku that you should definitely try when you come to Japan. Chocolate snacks are also great. Pocky and Takenokonosato are famous chocolate snacks.

There are plenty of other tasty snacks out there, check them out on YouTube! When you come to Japan, run to the convenience store!

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Japanese sweets assortment set. There are a variety of sweets, so you may find one to your liking! They are delicious!

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    Japanese sweets awesome! When you come to Japan, buy some snacks at the convenience store!

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