Tokyo in 1913-1915

This video was shot over 100 years ago in Tokyo, 1913~1915, and is interesting even to me as a Japanese. The first thing that strikes me is the number of children, and I am deeply moved to realize that there really was a time like this in Japan. This is because these children have made Japan the rich country it is today. Today, Japan’s birthrate is declining, and it is said that by 2030, one in three people in Japan will be 65 years old or older.

Unlike today’s Japan, the clothes and architecture are old and unrefined, but still quaint. The streets are free of trash, and there is no sense of unhygienic atmosphere.

The Kaminarimon gate of Asakusa is shown around 3 minutes 18 seconds in. Considering that the people in this video existed there 100 years ago and lived their daily lives, one can feel the history of the area. When you visit Tokyo as a tourist, you will probably visit Asakusa’s Kaminarimon gate, and comparing this video with its current appearance will probably give you a stronger impression of Asakusa.

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    100 years ago Japan had more kids!

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