Japan Cherry Blossom Spots(sakura), spring only.

Japan’s national flower is the cherry blossom. Many trees are planted in central Tokyo. Therefore, in March and April, when cherry blossoms bloom, Japan is tinged with the pink color of cherry blossoms. Since Japanese graduation and entrance ceremonies are held in March and April, respectively, and cherry blossoms symbolize the season of parting and meeting, cherry blossoms are often used as a symbol in songs, movies, and various other scenes.

There are many famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, so if you want to see cherry blossoms, we recommend that you come to Japan in March or April.

There is a Japanese dyeing method called Sakura Dyeing. This dye uses cherry blossoms to produce a very beautiful pink color. Usually, when you hear about cherry dyeing, you might think that cherry petals are used, but in fact, the bark of the cherry tree is used in cherry dyeing. The beautiful pink color of cherry blossoms is concentrated in the bark of the cherry tree, and when it blooms, the concentrated extract is released.

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    For Japanese people, cherry blossoms symbolize meeting and parting. The existence of cherry blossoms is indispensable for Japanese people.

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