Courageous Japanese try their best to speak messed up English – Part2
There is a comedian in Japan named Tetsuro Izukawa. He is a famous comedian in Japan who established the genre of reaction art. He is honest and natural. The words that come out of his mouth are straightforward, but not hateful, and they make people laugh.

He cannot speak English well at all. He goes to his destinations using only English, and his struggles are extremely funny. The show has become legendary in Japan. He tries his best to convey his intentions, but because he doesn’t know English, he uses strange words without any sense of offense. Also, people who cannot speak English usually flinch when their English is not understood by others, but he is undaunted and tries his best to convey his message. This attitude is what makes him so likable.

His attitude of trying to convey his intentions using only very simple words and body language is both interesting and supportive at the same time.

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    This show is real funny! He uses some weird language, but he doesn’t speak English, so no offense.

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