Ferry trip to enjoy vending machines, Fukuoka – Tokyo.

Why not take a leisurely 32-hour ferry trip between Tokyo and Kitakyushu? If you have time to spare, such a trip is good for you once in a while. But this ferry has a peculiarity. There is no restaurant on this ferry! Instead, there are vending machines! Interesting, isn’t it? The Shinkansen takes about 5 hours for about the same fare. The advantage of using the ferry is that you can carry your motorcycle, car, or bicycle. Driving a car from Tokyo to Kyushu is not an easy task.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Japan is the land of vending machines. That’s how much everything is sold in vending machines. Snacks, beer, pasta, soba noodles, ramen, omelette rice, curry, ice cream, coffee, juice…everything is available. You will have no problem spending at least 32 hours in a vending machine. There are also washing machines, bathrooms, coin lockers, and microwave ovens. They even have a kid’s room and a pet room!

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    I know it’s time consuming, but I’d love to travel on one of these once!

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