Real Tokyo Japan, Jiyugaoka.

Most of the tourists who come to Japan go to major cities for sightseeing. Big cities are fascinating, but if you want to experience real Japanese culture, I strongly recommend you to take a walk in a residential area! You can get a good idea of where Japanese people live, eat, and shop.

In Japan, there is a long-held belief that there are many different kinds of gods (Yaorozuno-kami), and it is interesting to see shrines suddenly appear in residential areas. If you go to the supermarket, you will find a lot of fish for sashimi (fish for raw consumption), which should make you think that you really eat a lot of fish on a daily basis. You will also find so many kinds of soy sauce on the shelves that it could be mistaken for juice, and you will realize that soy sauce is an indispensable seasoning for daily life. Eating raw fish and using soy sauce isn’t just for sushi!

You may need a bit of courage to take a walk in a Japanese residential area, as there are not many foreigners there.

You will get a glimpse of the real Japan.

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    I’m sure a stroll through the residential areas will give you a glimpse of real Japan! Highly recommended!

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