Golden eel bowl at Kawasho, an eel specialty restaurant.

Golden eel bowl / Eel bowl specialty restaurant Kawashou
This is very good. Eel is one of Japan’s most expensive foods, and there is a dish called “golden eel bowl” which is made by grilling this eel, pouring a special sweet sauce for eel, and putting a half-boiled egg on top of it. It is an exquisite dish. The unadon alone is very tasty, but the half-boiled egg goes very well with it.

The Unaju(Grilled eel rice bowl) is also very tasty! If you have never had it, please try it when you come to Japan. Eel dishes are more expensive than other Japanese food, but they are worth the money.

Unaju(Grilled eel rice bowl) / Eel bowl specialty restaurant Obana
There are many eel specialty restaurants in Tokyo, and you should definitely try them when you come to Japan. It is absolutely delicious. Unaju is eaten by sprinkling a seasoning called sansho over the eel. This spice may be a little habit-forming, but once you get used to it, you will become addicted to it.

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    There are many delicious foods in Japan, but eel dishes are among the most typical Japanese delicacies!

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