IREX 2022 – Japan’s largest robot exhibition | The latest robots and incredible gadgets!
When you hear the word “robot,” what shape do you imagine? Most people probably imagine a humanoid robot. There are various types of robots, and the most common type in operation in the world is the industrial robot. Japan ranks second in the world with 354,878 industrial robots in operation, mostly in automobile factories.

In addition to the number of industrial robots in operation, Japan also has a large share of the global market as a developer and producer of industrial robots. The following five companies account for a large share of the industrial robot market.

YASKAWA ELECTRIC (Japanese company)
FANUC (a Japanese company)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japanese company)
ABB (Swiss company)
KUKA (Chinese company)

Three of the five companies are Japanese companies. Since robotization is expected to advance in various fields in the future, even seemingly meaningless robots are being developed if they have potential and are competing to avoid losing market share. For example, the ping-pong-playing robot in the video was not developed to play ping-pong. If this technology can be utilized, it may be able to accurately determine the point where obstacles fall and protect people. Or it could use its agility to help sort merchandise.

What we don’t know what it can do for us at the moment could play an important role in the future.

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    While I know that industrial robots are the most practical, I personally find humanoid robots romantic!

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