The $2,500 Figure is full of reality.

This is a character from the game NieR : Automata, an action RPG released by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 in 2017. As you can see in the video, it is very elaborate. Elaborately made figures can be found in every country, but the crazy thing about Japan is that even mass-produced products are elaborately and accurately made. They are also very particular about painting, and the texture is just very realistic. Metals, cloth, leather, skin, etc. are precisely reproduced.

Since manga and anime are completely pervasive in Japan, figures derived from them have also gained citizenship. Japan has a long history of capsule toys called gacha-gacha, which helped figures gain citizenship. In game centers, there are machines called “UFO catchers” that drop goods, and you can win figures from anime and manga.

It is interesting to visit a game center when you come to Japan. Japanese arcades are very popular not only for video games, but also for games where you can drop and win sweets and figures.

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    There’s a whole range of figurines in Japan! Not only manga and anime, but also cute figures of animals and other animals are popular.

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