Super cute japanese girl carries me in Tokyo!

Asakusa is a town of humanity. The local people have a very strong connection with each other and are very proud of Asakusa. There are many clean towns in Japan with little trash, but Asakusa is probably one of the cleanest towns in Japan. The locals follow the rules and keep the streets clean. It really is a nice town.

There are many ways to enjoy Asakusa, and the rickshaw is one of them. The height of the rickshaw is surprisingly high, so it is actually quite a nice view when you ride on it. The rickshaw will take you around the town, explaining Asakusa’s tourist attractions and historical points of interest. If you have your own plan, you can consult with them. If you suggest a plan, they will run a route that fits (or is close to) that plan.

Now, why don’t you enjoy the town of Asakusa with a rickshaw?
Don’t worry, no matter which company’s rickshaw you choose, they speak Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

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  1. glimp Avatar

    I’m a little embarrassed because riding in a rickshaw attracts so much attention!

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